step outside

- we got more bounce in california, we party all the time -

as much as i hate to do it...

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cant forget - allie

- Baby it's like you place a finger on my heart -

[mood | lonely ]

so picking the username is down to 5</strike> 4 (from 9, lol).

i'm never going to decide. this is pathetic.

it's times like these where i HATE being indecisive.

but anyway, here's what its down to.

overdramatic___ lack of votes = not in the running.

so vote on those i guess? jeez - this is impossible.

last nite malone, vani, tony & i went and saw wedding crashers and let me tell you, it was THE FUNNIEST movie i have seen in a long long time. does it beat harold and kumar? i dunno. but it came pretty damn close. i laughed at like EVERYTHING. wow. it just felt REALLY good to laugh like that for like two hours straight. i hope one day i can marry my captain lmao.

it ended up that cory was in the same theater and i didnt even notice until we were leaving. go figure.

things are goin okay. i'm ordering a skirt off ebay tonite, which is exciting. i love the thing, and im so excited that im finally going to have it (pictures soon).

cory&my adventure to 12 oaks on tuesday made my entire week. we drove out there, were completely indecisive about everything so ended up going into every store like 3 times, made friends (and become completely infatuated) w/ the dressing room girl at abercrombie, got pizza & ranch (not as good as from somerset tho), learned that i am not able to spit or swallow, rode the elevator up and down 3 times in a row (when there's two floors), got COMPLETELY lost because im a terrible navigator, almost died, delt with stupid foriegners at CVS, and then mellowed out to coldplay on the way home. it was a good time =)

i need a new phone. badly. verizon is being a piece of shit. it said i was roaming in my house. i wasnt aware that you could be roaming less than a mile away from your verizon store.

random picture of me looking shocked/confused
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gotta love it ;)

you belong with me (nick&amp;jess)

(no subject)

[mood | distressed ]

beauty queen of only sixteen
she had some trouble with herself
he was always there to help her
she always belonged to someone else

i drove for miles and miles
and wound up at your door
i've had you so many times
but somehow i want more

i dont mind spending every day
out on your corner in the pouring rain
look for the girl with the broken smile
ask her if she wants to stay a while

and she will be loved
she will be loved

tap on my window
knock on my door
i want to make you feel beautiful
i know i tend to get so insecure
doesnt matter anymore

it's not always rainbows and butterflies
its compromise
it moves us along

my heart is full
and my door's always open
you come any time you want.

i know where you hide
alone in your car
know all of the things
that make you who you are

i know that goodbye
means nothing at all
comes back and begs me
catch her every time she falls.

please dont try so hard to say goodbye...

time for a change

i need a new journal.

these are the options.

drop_aheart (from fall out boy's "sugar we're goin down")
__brokensmiile (from maroon5's "she will be loved")
brokensmiile_ (from maroon5's "she will be loved")

sorry lovers - too overused and not exactly who i am. im not that emo and depressing.
firefly___stare (from something corporate's "walking by")
catastrophicmix (just because i like the word catastrophe)
overdramatic___ (because i am)
kiissmehard (from dashboard confessional's "best deceptions")

_spinaroundme (from something corporate's "konstantine")
___itsalwaysyou (also from something corporate's "konstantine")

pick your favorite.
and if you can think of any others - let me know.
cant forget - allie

(no subject)

summer ♥ romances
end for all kinds of reasons, but when all is said & done, they
have one thing in common - - they are shooting stars a
spectacular moment of light in the heavens,a fleeting glimpse
of eternity, & in a flash they're gone.
you belong with me (nick&amp;jess)

- its not so bad, you're only the best i ever had -

[mood | morose ]

its hot. and humid as hell.

today is going to suck.

i'm scared things are going to end up like they were at the end of the school year. you've been my strength, and i dunno what i'm going to do without you. =/

aside from friday - my weekend was boring. i did like nothing, at all.

but thats okay i guess. got my sleep.
and my cries.

and I know that you hope for longer good-byes
embracing for forever and falling in your eyes

i hate being strong. the princess shouldn't have to be strong.

i'm sitting here at work. and i honestly just want to cry.

here i am, once again
i'm torn into pieces